PODCAST WHAT’S NEWS – Kaoutar El Afi on online activism:‘I talk a lot about what is going on in Palestine’

With the conflict in Gaza gaining more attention since the 7th of October you might have seen more online activism on your social media feed. Our 21bis reporters looked into what online activism is and how you can participate in it. They talked to International Journalism student and Student Journalist for Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws Kaoutar El Afi (20) for ways that she exercises cyberactivism.

Kaoutar El Afi is advocating for Palestinian voices to be heard in the conflict that has been going on for decades. Besides going to protests and boycotting, Kaoutar El Afi participates in cyberactivism. She talks about how in the What’s News?’ podcast with Amber Laenen and Stella Delée.

Listen to the podcast below:

Illustrator Christina Araya De Witte, ‘Chrostin’ made a video on how to email your representatives:



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If you are interested and want to know more, we researched some Instagram accounts who are sharing information on the topic. Here is an overview post:



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News Outlet Al Jazeera warns about potential biases in news on the conflict. Read the article here.


Audio used in intro:
Civil rights: Internet activism and Social Change
Does Online Activism Have Any Power?

Audio: Amber Laenen
Text: Stella Delée
Photo: ©Amber Laenen