MECHELEN, CITY OF CULTURES – Communication student Gintare (Lithuania): ‘The old town and the park are the places where I usually go for inspiration’

Gintare (23) is a Lithuanian student who decided to study beyond the borders of her own country. Now, she studies International Communication and Media in Mechelen at Thomas More University. Although Belgium wasn’t her initial choice, she is happy to have ended up here.

Gintare talks about her experiences and feelings after her first few months in Belgium. She guides us through her favorite places in Mechelen that inspire her. She also shares insights into her relationships with her peers, and whether it’s easy to establish connections with others while studying abroad. Which things make her feel at home, and what can the university do to make life easier for international students? ‘There are some stereotypes that people associate with Lithuanians. For example, they often think that I speak Russian, but that just isn’t true.’

Listen to Gintare talk about her other thoughts and emotions while living in Mechelen.

Audio: Bastiaan Bellens
Text: Magda Gradowska & Bastiaan Bellens
Photo: © Estela González