Video Games: Plot and graphic updates helping GTA VI break viewing records

Given the release of the new GTA VI, many gamers had Tuesday, December 5th, circled on their calendars. However, a username associated with GTA chose to leak the official trailer a few hours before its premiere via X. The official video for the game was released on Rockstar Games’ YouTube account, smashing many viewing records. Rockstar Games is the official American video game publisher.

The teaser for the video already broke the record for the most views in the first hour of its publication on YouTube, even before the video was formally released on the first day. Before this, the record was held by American YouTuber Mr. Beast, who reached 61 million views for one of his videos and is widely regarded as the ‘YouTube king’ for having 217 million subscribers on his channel.

The game clip had 91 million views in total, which translates to an hourly average of almost 4 million people. The most curious aspect is that a certain release date for the video has not yet been determined, although it is expected to be released around 2025. according to the trailer.

Plot Updates

The trailer introduces a brand-new storyline that centers on two robbers, one of whom is called Lucia, who were just let out of jail. They both participate in the chaotic situations around Vice City, which presents the opposite side of the city in a distinct aspect.

In the previous version of GTA V, the three main characters Michael, Trevor, and Franklin had a narrative that many players could recognise. The narrative focuses on the fight of the three of them against other dangerous criminals and the government. In this instance, Rockstar chose to take a different approach and concentrate on the two thieves as the best representation of Vice City’s turbulent scenery.

An image of GTA VI’s two major characters

Graphic Updates

In terms of visuals, the trailer also presents a major change from the others, showcasing real-life events on a social media platform within the game that provides footage of actual US scenes, such as an alligator in a pool trying to escape from its keeper, which took place in Florida.

Additionally, several additional real-life scenarios as the one of another alligator entering a restaurant highlight the different concepts combined with the social media channel that Rockstar chose to use.

Image of keeper trying to take out the alligator from the pool

Gamer’s opinions

Raúl Vila, a 21-year-old player of Grand Theft Auto who has been playing the game since its initial release, cannot be more excited about it: ‘Overall the feeling that I had with this trailer is that we are about to experience the true next-gen’.

Raúl points out the creative teaser that Rockstar produced, the reason why gamers had to wait for so long.

Raúl Vila GTA player who has completed most game editions.

A 20-year-old recent player of Grand Theft Auto V named Maria is waiting impatiently for GTA VI : ‘Seeing the trailer for the next edition, sets my expectations even higher’.

Maria is one of the several female players I know, who have been playing the game for a few years.

Maria Montalvá recent GTA gamer excited about GTA VI edition

Text: Raúl Pérez
Photo: © Raúl Pérez