Volunteer Jan Noyen on his commitment to refugee children: ‘I have always wanted to do volunteerwork, It was written in my stars’

Jan Noyen, a 67-year-old volunteer, actively dedicates himself to the homework class for refugee children. His involvement began at the Asylum and Migration Support Center in Mechelen. it has always been his desire to make a difference for refugees. Shortly after his retirement, he fulfilled his wish.

I have always wanted to get involved in volunteering. I have worked hard and earned well, and I wanted to give something back to society. Refugees interested me.” said Noyen. “When I retired, a few months before, I googled refugees in Mechelen. So, that’s how I ended up here.” explains Noyen.


Watch the report below:


Text: Oumaima El Harchi
Report: Oumaima El Harchi
Camera and sounds: Oumaima El Harchi and Lina Benhaj
Picture: © Oumaima El Harchi