PODCAST – Mind Blind: an (a)phantastic journey

‘Mind Blind: An (a)phantastic journey’ is a podcast by Ona Van Dyck Colomer that dives deep into the brain phenomenon that is aphantasia. It is currently described as ‘the inability to visualize’, or image-free thinking which means that you can’t conjure up any visual images in your mind.

Imagination is a spectrum while aphantasia is on one end, hyperphantasia is on the other end of that spectrum, the differences are explained through actor Robbert Vervloet who has a very vivid imagination.

Discover what is aphantasia through the science behind it, explained by neuropsychologist Rudi D’Hooge and by stories from people who have it.

Listen below:

Podcast & text: © Ona Van Dyck Colomer
Featured image: Tara Winstead on Pexels