Women on the pill: Navigating women’s contraceptive choice

The pill, lots of women have tried it, but is it also a match for every woman? What is prescription-based culture and what does hormonal hesitancy mean?

Safe sex is a must but anticonception responsibility being put solely on the woman is anything but sexy. With this mini audio documentary I want to make people think about their anticonception choice. Does it fit your lifestyle? Is it a shared responsibility? And most importantly: Is it a good match?

The documentary features interviews with Biopsychologist and author of Hormones and Women Estrella Montoya and Erica Selznick, Graduate Research Assistant at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and current PhD Researcher at the University of Antwerp. And two testimonies.


Made by: Stella Delée

IUD = Intra Uterine device
STD = Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Photo: Made with Canva