BERLINER TOUR – This is what makes Rosenthaler Straße so special

The Rosenthaler Straße, also known as the dead chicken alley, is filled with graffiti and street art. But that’s not the only thing you can see there. You can sit at a bar, visit exhibitions, watch a movie at the cinema and so on. Join our 21bis-reporter Soraya Ech Chentouf to explore this colorful alley.

The dead chicken alley was bought by a group of guys during the Nazi regime. In this time, there was no freedom of expression. Because of this, they decided to take over the alley so that they could paint whatever they wanted. And from that, it became a place dedicated to self-expression.

Are you eager to know more about this small alley? Watch here the full video coverage:

Text: Soraya Ech Chentouf
Photo: © Antje Eulaers