Hunger strike for a ceasefire: ‘I started it not to starve until death, but it’s a way of protesting’

Omar Karem, a Palestinian journalist residing in Brussels, went on a hunger strike from December through the end of February of this year. His decision to undertake this protest was driven by a desire to raise awareness for the Palestinian cause and to show solidarity with the people of Gaza who are experiencing food shortages.

To learn more about Omar’s medical condition, Dr. Rita van Obberghen, a hunger strike specialist, discussed the physiological consequences of such strikes on the human body. She highlighted the profound impact of prolonged fasting, emphasizing potential organ damage as a result of severe malnutrition.

You can find more about Omar and his hunger strike journey in the  video report:

Text: Fayrouz AbouGarad
Reporting, camera, sound: Fayrouz AbouGarad
Photo: © Fayrouz Abougarad