On the left, Belgian politician Jos D'Haese (PVDA) and on the right Belgian politician Tom Van Grieken (Vlaams Belang).

Podcast – Wanted: young Flemish men

On June 9th, Belgians head to the voting booth. For many young voters, this is the first time their voices could be heard at a level that truly matters. Noticeably, a large portion of Flemish young men leans towards the far right.

Research by Laura Jacobs of the University of Antwerp shows a staggering difference between young men (32%) and young women (9%) when it comes to voting for the alt-right. However, it does not explain why these new voters are choosing Vlaams Belang.

21bis reporter Tharsice Commissaris knows all too well what drove him to the party in 2019. Since then, his views on politics may have changed, but what drives young men to the alt-right today? In this documentary, he analyses his own past ideology alongside that of WD, a 19-year-old first-time voter for Vlaams Belang, to find out what makes parties like Vlaams Belang so appealing.

Discover what drives Flemish youth away from the centrist parties and into the camp of the extremes. Hit play to listen now.

Made by Tharsice Commissaris

Featured image by: Tharsice Commissaris
Photo Jos D’Haese: Dimitalen (CC0)
Photo Tom Van Grieken: Belzie (CC BY-SA 4.0)

WD is a cover name as requested.