10 YouTube series to binge during the coronavirus lockdown (3)

This lockdown isn’t going to end any time soon, luckily there’s a lot of content available on YouTube to keep us entertained. These last couple of weeks, we’ve been making lists of YouTube series worthy of a binge. To round out the series, here are the final 10.

  1. On The Market
    It’s well-known that rich people design and buy ridiculously expensive houses. However, it’s one thing to know and it’s another thing to actually get a house tour of those ridiculously expensive houses. In On The Market, realtors give a house tour of insanely expensive million-dollar homes that are on the market and can be yours for the small price of 40 million dollars. A bargain, right? ARVE Error: Syntax error URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGkVxIyKnEA&list=PLpi4YdMCC43866-wVoj2JoH9K59cZpASz&index=2&t=41s
  2. WIRED’s Autocomplete Interview
    Have you ever googled questions about a celebrity? The answer is undoubtedly yes. Well, WIRED’s Autocomplete Interview takes those googled questions, puts them on a large cardboard and has celebrities slowly unveiling and answering them. You get to know them a bit better and also realize that people sometimes google some very weird stuff about celebs.
  3. Vegan Substitute Tests
    Vegan is the new black, right? Well, at least in Los Angeles and it’s beginning to take over the market globally. However, it’s not always easy to find good vegan substitutes for non-vegan dishes. In Vegan Substitute Tests, Merle tests out supposed substitutes to see, and more importantly, taste if they’re any good. Testing dishes like dairy-free ice cream made from bean juice, vegan salmon made from carrots, and a vegan banana peel pulled pork sandwich. Sounds pretty gross, but hey, you never know.
  4. Anne Frank Video Diary
    One of the most well-known figures of WOII is undoubtedly Anne Frank and her diary. In Anne Frank Video Diary, a young actress plays out Anne Frank’s life in the Annex. Except Anne Frank’s diary gets swapped out for a video camera. In the first episode, Anne gets her (video) diary and we also see her flee to the Annex. The following episodes all show us how Anne experiences living in the Annex. Every Monday and Thursday a new video diary gets posted, ranging between three to six minutes. The small episodes are based on fragments from Anne Frank’s work, giving it a more personal and heart-wrenching touch. The series itself is in Dutch with English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Dutch subtitles. If you want to know more about how Anne Frank lived, this series is definitely worth checking out.
  5. I Only Ate
    You may not be aware of it, but a lot of our food has artificial coloring in it. In I Only Ate, Inga tries to eat one color for 24 hours without any artificial coloring. You’re probably thinking that it’s not that hard because the color red is everywhere. But what about black or transparent foods, including drinks? You discover some very weird fruits in its natural color and it’s extremely entertaining.
  6. Back-to-Back Chef
    Take two kitchen islands and one chef back-to-back with a celebrity. With the latter trying to follow the instructions to cook a dish that’s Back-to-Back Chef. The professional chef explains step-by-step what to do, and the celebrity tries to follow along. Honestly, you should just watch it for the stressed-out celebrities trying to cook. Entertaining without a doubt.
  1. Worth It
    In Worth It, two friends try out one meal every episode at three drastically different price points in three drastically different places. Sometimes it’s in a local dinner in Los Angeles (United States), other times it’s a five-star restaurant in Toronto (Canada) or a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Japan. Would you pay 95 dollars for a salad, because it weirdly enough does exist? The question is, is it worth it?
  1. 73 Questions With Vogue
    This one is pretty known but it’s a fun one, so it can’t be left out. In 73 Questions With Vogue, the fashion magazine asks 73 questions to celebrities while they ‘give’ a tour of their home. It’s obviously very staged and rehearsed, but compelling for people that would love to snoop in celebrities’ homes.
  1. Challenge Accepted
    We all want to be a million things when we grow up; a firefighter, a police officer, or an astronaut, but we can’t be everything. In Challenge Accepted, YouTuber Michelle Khare is trying to be just that, everything. She trains for and then takes on jobs that she’s curious about or her followers are curious about. From the training to an as real as can be situation with some emotional scenes. You get a newfound appreciation for a lot of these jobs, and it makes you get to know the humans behind it.
  1. Carpool Karaoke
    This is one of the most well-known segments on YouTube, which is why it couldn’t be left out. British TV show host James Corden picks up famous musicians to help him get to work while belting out tune after tune and hit after hit, that’s Carpool Karaoke. With the likes of Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, and James having a decent pair of lungs too, Carpool Karaoke quickly took over the internet with its addictive format.

Text: M VL, picture: freepngimg.com

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