Video News 17 November: Dutch correspondent Nora van der Schoor about Equal Pay Day, American students react to the US midterm elections and a queer exhibition in Brussels

Interested in what has happened in the world this week? Keen to know what Equal Pay Day stands for? Or do you want to know more about the Queer Exhibition connected to the Pink Screens Film Festival?

Watch it here on our weekly news programme on the 17th of November, where our 21bis reporters bring you special reports.


  • International news topics: The 14th of November in The Netherlands and the 15th of November are known as Equal Pay Day in Europe. From that day until the end of the year, women effectively work for free, if you compare their wages to men’s wages. Nora van der Schoor, our Dutch correspondent explains why it’s such an important day.
  • The big red wave during the US midterms never materialized. Shayla More, an American student at Thomas More University, explains what this means for US politics in the coming years.
  • In Brussels a special exhibition took place. The photography, videography, and artistic talent of a number of young queer artists was on display at the Queer Exhibition, an extension of the annual Pink Screens Film festival.
  • And finally, the climate summit in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt: A slew of world leaders arrived in their private jets whilst alternative, more environmentally friendly ways of travelling seemed to be only a minor theme at the two-week summit.

Presentation: Maya Teughels
Programme Staff: Maya Teughels, Nora van der Schoor, Rafael Stroobants, Jaani De Koker, Mikaela Pimentel, Philip Lammens, Cynthia Verbrugge, Arno Collaer, Esmee de Kinderen, Bryan Van Hoeck
Text: Jaani De Koker