Video News 6 October: International students share their emotions about first weeks at the university, and how student baptism has changed this year

Have you already heard about the major news from this week? How international student spent their first weeks at the university? And what we should expect from the new baptism?

Watch it here on our weekly news program on 6th of October where our 21bis reporters bring you special reports.

• International news topics: the new report about the climate from the 26th Conference of the Parties, Swedish MEP Abir Al-Sahlani has cut off her hair in support of women in Iran and the European Parliament has approved new economic aid for Ukraine.
International students begin to get used to their life in Belgium and talk about their first experiences at the university and how it is to study again without restrictions.
• Student clubs and unions decided not organize traditional student baptism. How the famous event was updated – see more in our reportage.

Presenter: Anastasiia Kalugina
Program staff: Seth Van der Slycken, Margot Van Dale, Merel Vernaeve, Friedel Ovaere, Ine Bueken, Kayla Ceulemans, Yordi Dietens, Emma De Clercq, Annelien Poppe, Mila Franck, Moana Martinho Hortas en Emma Wenes,Emma-Roosa Saareks, Hermeline Van Theemsche
Text: Anastasiia Kalugina
Photo: © Emma-Roosa Saareks